About IFEE

We are pleased to inform you that the International Foundation for Environment and Ecology (IFEE) has been established on the auspicious occasion of the World Environment Day on 5th June 2015 based on its incorporation as a Charity under the Central Act II of 1882, Government of India in Kolkata.

Established with the main objective of locating avenues for alternative employment creation beside designing a neological as well as neocratic approach to research and entrepreneurship in the field of environment and ecology among the younger generation all over the world in general and India in particular with a view to bringing peace on earth by having country wise appropriate solution for the burning problems like pollution, poverty, over population, unemployment, faulty educational, training methodologies, etc., International Foundation for Environment and Ecology (IFEE) has decided to design a master plan paradigm (2015-25) for a new world order.

The activities of IFEE will include the strategies for creating more researchers besides dissemination of appropriate technologies among the globe for ensuring a balanced and a sustainable growth in all countries of the world by application of clean as well as cleaning-up technologies for climate change management, environmental and disaster education, geriatric care, waste management, green business and technologies besides strengthening of diplomatic relations among nations for protecting our Mother Earth.

The idea is also to promote entrepreneurial educational leadership among the school and the college going boys and girls by “Catching Them Young” and for designing appropriate messages for the educators to see that they produce a greater number of job givers rather than job seekers. This will be possible as IFEE has the qualified inventory of experts for establishing universities, colleges, institutions, schools and other training enterprises in different countries with the latest equipment and infrastructure for conducting formal, informal, non-formal, open, distance, online, internet and web-based employment-centric programmes in all countries of the world.


  • (i) Generation of awareness of all branches of environment and ecological research, and of its scope, intricacies, and potential in India.
  • (ii) Establishment of a forum for exchange of learning and for imparting training to new entrants to the field.
  • (iii) Facilitation of growth of research by monitoring research activity, providing review and peer consultation facilities for research projects, and representing to government and other agencies on behalf of the research community.
  • (iv) Give a boost to the development of Environment and ecological Research in the country.
  • (v) Provide a global framework for international environment education and to achieve professional excellence, thereby enhancing Research culture in India and the world. (vi) Encourage Research methodologies. (vii) Collaborate with organizations at national and international levels in areas of research, training, seminars and conferences. (viii) Organise International Conference on Environment and Ecology in collaboration with other Govt. / non Govt. organisations / academic institutions / universities etc in different parts of India and the Globe. (IX) Promotes, encourages and gives recognition to the members of the excellent performance in their respective fields. (x) Arranges visits of different delegations to friendly countries to meet people of all fields. (xi) To carry out teaching and research and training in various streams of environment and knowledge such as arts, science, culture, commerce, philosophy, health and medicine, communication, management, journalisms, technical disciplines, international affairs, peach studies, human rights, ecology and environment and all other streams by whatever name called enhances knowledge and skills of the learners through institute or organizations. Such institutes may have their own bank accounts as may be decided by the Board of Trustees. (xii) To establish academy / institutions, schools, colleges, universities for teaching, training and research in different emerging fields of science, education, management and to award degrees, diplomas and certificates to that effect. Such institutes may have their own bank accounts as may be decided by the Board of Trustees. (xiii) To introduce various Certificate, Diploma, P.G Diploma, Degree etc course (regular & correspondence), training, research programmes in the various fields of science & environment in all over India & the world independently and / or in collaboration, affiliation with various universities, Govt. bodies, NGOs, agencies of India & other countries of the world & to conduct examination and to award. (xiv) To make special plans for the studies and research in the all areas of education and related fields. (xv) To aid in organising conferences, seminars, meetings, discussions, debates, study courses, collection of statistics, exhibitions, shows, tour tips and to establish endowments and scholarships for the promotion and furtherance of the aims and objects of the Trust. (xvi) To publish books, monographs, magazines and encyclopaedias on education and related fields. (xvii) To collaborate, affiliate, federate and cooperate with Universities Government Bodies, NGOs and International Agencies for implementing the projects of developmental nature all over the world. (xviii) To provide consultancy to other institutions and organisations in all countries of the world for the establishment of similar institutions with a view to bringing sustainability. (xix) To train teachers and workers in ideals and practice of the true spirit of education and learning. (xx) To institute, honour and award persons and institutions for their contribution towards the development of achievements including socio-economic development.

Award Notification

International Foundation for Environment and Ecology recognizes the contribution of scientists, academicians, research scholars in the different field of science and environment. The Institute has instituted several awards to motivate and further the spirit of the talented ones in the field of Sciences. The selection of the awards is considered mainly on the basis of the merit. »Click here...